Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Injecting Tuesday with a Dose of Happiness


Few things have the power to change my mood as HAIRCUTS! I love getting my hair cut. The courage I lack in clothing myself I try to make up for in my hairstyle. If you have known me for any amount of time, you have seen many different dos! I went short in high school--after a disastrous decision to let my friend Ashley cut my hair. I have been somewhere from pixie to shoulder length ever since then. I prefer short, though. I have been told by kind friends that I have "the face" for it :)

So in my experimentation, I have copied celebrities like Mandy Moore and Kirsten Dunst. I have given hairstylists free reign to do what "they think is best." Only once did I end up with a mullet--which for some reason I kept for awhile (and none of my kind friends told me it was hideous--maybe I should begin to question this whole "you have the face for short hair" statements)
Libby was super cute--my mullet, not so much

Now I have found an AMAZING hairstylist named Jenn. She has short hair and has a great eye for what compliments one's face. You can find her at Gorgeous Hair in Westover. I walked in my first appointment armed with a list of requirements. I took one look at her and said "I want my hair cut just like yours." It was instant friendship!


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