Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh the shopping extravaganzas

I have mentioned that my hubs is a drummer. Tonight is one of his band's (and yes he is in more than one) first gigs. So I wanted a new outfit and wanted to bedeck him in a cute outfit as well. I was thinking soemthing like this (ok--so Danielle actually thought it and I jumped on board)
He was not a very willing participant--willing to shop, but not willing to go out of his comfort zone. But we headed to the mall where Corey found a great outfit at Gap. I tried to convince him to wear a zippie, but he said he would be too hot. A tie? He said it wasn't him. So a nice pair of dark denim, checked shirt, white V-neck undershirt and pumas will suffice. He looks really cute, so I can't complain.
I found about a million things that I wanted to buy at Forever21. I ended up grabbing a dress. But I don't think I will be wearing it to the gig--since I was informed that it would be more of a jeans kind of vibe. So instead I put together, my skinny jeans, booties, an off-white extra long tank, and a army green jacket. The dress will keep for another fun night!
LOOK LAUREN!! I added a belt :)
We also hit TJ Maxx in case there was something fabulous that needed to be purchased. I am going to a cocktail party next month, and found a dress that I LOVE!! I need shoes and jewelry, but the dress makes my heart happy!

Corey was making my laugh while snapping the photo :)


  1. I LOVE all of your finds :)
    So sad I missed the gig, hope it went well.
    And by the way- you are tinnnnnny girl! Love your cute little body!
    You should let me style you some! I know it will be kinda eclectic, but at least you could try it ;)

  2. Cute, cute, cute, Cole. :) Great job, Corey. Would've LOVED to see him in the tie/cardigan combo, but understand it takes time. We'll get him there. Maybe? haha


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