Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It is yucky outside...

And I am tired.

And it is Tuesday-which means it is a long day.

However, I have been in a particularly good mood. I got up this morning and had a good workout on the elliptical. I had a chance to read my bible with a cup of coffee before the kids woke up.
I read Romans 8--focusing on the last couple of verses. (it's hard to have a bad day when you know that God loves you that much). I got to have a quick coffee date with Chelsy before class. Then I ate an amazing Indian lunch with Lauren and Brittany. I was even able to "share my good vibes" (as she calls them) with Jess :)

Even BETTER my afternoon class was cancelled giving me time to blog and read for my Thursday classes.

Yesterday was great too--

I had some time to think through our vegetarian menu, so on the docket for this week.

  • white pizza with pesto and ricotta
  • red beans and rice, corn cakes and applesauce
  • black bean hummus with YUMMY chips that the Taylors introduced us to in TN
  • lentil sloppy joes with oven fries
  • Baked pasta with spinach, lemon and Gruy√®re (which I actually made last night and it was delicious)

I got excited about the law ladies fashion posts for this week and have thus been daydreaming about my outfit. It will hopefully include the dress that I purchased in TN--I need to find a cardigan and shoes and a belt and tights...hahaha-I need the rest of the outfit :)

I started dreaming about what I want to photograph. My children will obviously be a large part of the subject matter, but I am really trying to figure out what shape this new/old hobby will take. I am always open to suggestion!!
Hopefully the good vibes continue...


  1. The good vibes were MUCH needed and much appreciated! :)

  2. so was the brief little coffee date :)
    I also read romans 8 last night btw, and- holy cow. let's talk again please :)


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