Thursday, February 17, 2011

I've liked belts this week.

The way I approach fashion is to add one thing at a time and work with it until I am comfortable.

My progression has gone something like this...
  • Fall-ish '09-- I stopped wearing my tennis shoes and added flats to the wardrobe
  • Winter '09-- I bought skinny jeans and wore them with my flats.
  • January '10--I bought my first pairs of boots that are worn over skinny jeans
  • Spring '10--I began to wear scarves
  • Summer '10--I found a love for dresses
So it is only appropriate that I add something new right about now. And it is belts. I like belts, but I don't think to add them to an outfit without prompting. But I am trying to be better. This week, I wore a couple of cute outfits with belts.

On Tuesday, my firm had a reception to meet all the candidates for summer clerk positions. I wore a brown dress and boots with this fun belt (that I borrowed from Brittany).

Yesterday I had to work in the office, so I wore one of my favorite work skirts (it has pockets), a sweater from Forver21 (that I purchased for $1.99-it has a keyhole back), and a chunky black belt. I also added some funky earrings and a bracelet that my mom owned in the '70s (my version of vintage :), and one of my favorite pairs of flats.

ON A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TOPIC: I came home to a wonderful and thoughtful surprise from the hubs.
I used to fool around with photography-I was on the yearbook staff in high school. Since I lack artistic and musical abilities, photography was my outlet. But once you have kids, you settle for easy. Our point and shoot is on its last leg, so we talked about getting another one. We mentioned this camera-it was a good price, but still higher than we were looking to spend at the moment. So I was completely shocked when I walked in the door. Being the overall great person that he is, he told me that he wanted me to get back into the hobby that I love, so I should probably have a good camera. We are not extravagant people, so this was an overwhelmingly lovely surprise-I cried. :)

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  1. YAY for the camera! and for the belts- they looks so cute on you.
    and of course you know how I feel about scarves:)


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