Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On the run...

I promised a running post, and since I am sitting here with sore quads and tired feet, it seems appropriate. I don't love running. We have a love/hate relationship really. I love the benefits of being a runner-the stress release, the time on my own, listening to music, toning previously untoned areas of my body. I hate the ache I get in my shins and knees (and sometimes feet), I hate that it doesn't feel awesome the whole time.

Here is what a long run looks like for me (take my 7 miler on Sunday)

I HATE miles 1, 5 and 6. they suck.
  • Mile 1 is me trying to convince my body that this is good for it--I play some upbeat tunes, some Killers or Vampire Weekend. But the whole time I am considering turning around.
  • Miles 5 and 6 I am just plain tired. I am wearing down. I feel the impact on my shins. My back is tight. My arms are tired. (all of you want to start running now huh?) I have to turn on some really happy music at this point--usually this song is the first on the list.

on the flip side...

I LOVE miles 2-4 and 7.
  • Mile 7 I love because it is almost over. I get excited and pick up my pace-ignoring the aches and pains.
  • Miles 2-4 though. WOW. This is why I run. I feel like weight just comes off my shoulders. I feel all the energy pulsing. I can enjoy the scenery. I can breath. I listen to more mellow music like Mumford & Sons and just enjoy the feeling of being there.

On the trail on Sunday, I passed a guy running. He was tall and lanky--wearing real running gear. And he looked sublimely happy. He was a runner. It looked effortless. I am not a runner--it is laborious and tiring and hard. But I love/hate it. And for now that is enough.

So I am sure this post has motivated all my friends and readers to go out and become a runner. Here are some of my novice tips for running...
  • Wear good shoes that fit. I have Nike Shox. If I keep on, I may go to the Morgantown Running and get fitted for new shoes.
  • If you are not exercising at all at this point, don't start with running. I really think one of the reasons I was able to start running and be successful was that I did 2-3 months of aerobics and weight training before I tried to run a mile.
  • Don't invest in a lot of gear until you know that you are going to like it. I have worked my way up to things--new shorts (I love these), new head phones etc.
  • BE PATIENT, and don't expect to love it all the time. I am happy that I love more miles than I hate.
  • LASTLY and most important, if something really hurts, STOP RUNNING. It is high impact. It can mess up knees and feet. Be careful, and stay in tune with your body.

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  1. And of course, running is a great excuse for girl time!


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