Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I am surrounded by music in my life. I LOVE it. I love being married to a musician. I love that most of our friends are musicians. I, however, am not a musician. Unless you count the 5 years of clarinet (and I DO NOT).
Scott and Danie's house during one of many jam sessions.
Maybe I should whip out the clarinet and add some soul to the groove :)

BUT music still has a special place in my life. I cannot play it. I cannot sing well. But it stirs me. I identify with the words and the melodies. I connect with the beat. Sometimes a song says my thoughts better than I am able to articulate them. I get lost in music.

And today I am lucky enough that my boss is sending me on a field trip to Doddridge County to do title work. So I can crank up the volume and enjoy the simple pleasure of being in the music.

My CD player currently contains:
  • Mindy Smith , One Moment More -- I threw this in there this morning cause I hadn't listened to her in years, and she has an amazing voice!

  • Needtobreath , The Heat -- Cminus plays some of their stuff, and I forgot how much I like it, so in the CD player it went.

  • Amos Lee, Mission Bell -- voice like butta

  • Monsters of Folk -- a group of superb musicians with a folky vibe

  • The Swell Season --oh Glen Hansard how I LOVE THEE (if you have not seen the movie Once, go watch it NOW, incredible.

It is going to be a lovely day!


  1. picturing you saying the phase, "voice like butta" makes me smile. in fact, you make me smile. love you sister:)

  2. I love that Mindy Smith, Amos Lee, and the Swell Season are on my ipod right now, too!


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