Sunday, February 6, 2011

She fell in love with a drummer...

The gig last night was fantastic! I was so proud of all the boys, but of course especially proud of my hubs. He is an incredible drummer (I know I am biased of course!). It makes me so happy to watch him do something that he loves so much! The only funny part is that aside from the base player, all the band members have kids so we were all out WAY past our bedtimes! Totally worth being tired today though. (and it gives me an excuse to make another pot of coffee :).

The band consists of Dirk on electric guitar and vocals; K.D. on keys and vocals; Kevin on bass; and of course Corey on drums. K.D. and Dirk switch off on lead vocals. They play covers, some Muse, Needtobreath, mixed in some Hendrix-and others that I do not remember.

This pic shows K.D. -- he was AWESOME on the keys and lead vocals.
He also rocked the cardigan!

TOMORROW: I will def be blogging about church-it was incredible. My friend Ben Tuel spoke right to my heart, and I need some moments to process. But I will share them tomorrow!

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  1. Proud of Fplus... I mean, CMinus! Wish we could've been there.


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