Monday, February 21, 2011

Much needed refreshment

WARNING: long post :)

Our weekend was lovely. Time with the Taylors is always a much needed refreshment for us. They are the people that get us. It helps that we have all been friends for almost a decade; we have been there--sickness and health, good and bad. So spending a weekend with no agenda presents no problem.

Danie and I getting ready to go shopping. We had to park a mile away, but we discovered a great store (The Original New York New York) that had all kinds of funky clothes at very reasonable prices -- I will post some of my finds later. Danie posted hers here.

One of my favorite pics of the weekend--the boys were very intent on their Wii wave-runner game. (I am playing with effects on my pics, so they are a little different than normal... )

Another lovely picture of food. A trademark of Bozic-Taylor weekends is the great food that we prepare. This weekend we did spicy shrimp lo mein, omelets, bbq chicken pizzas and yummy turkey chili.

One of my other favorite things about weekends away is the car ride. Most people dread sitting in the car for 5-6 hours, but it has always been one of the best parts of a trip with Corey. We rarely get 30 minutes to ourselves at home. A road trip means uninterrupted time to talk, decompress, catch up and just be together. This road trip was no different. We listened to great music and talked. On the way home, the conversation was mainly focused on how we want to be healthier, more tuned in parents and spouses. And we made some goals.

The categories in general are
Be Healthy--Corey's family has a history of heart disease and high cholesterol (and so does mine) so for 2 weeks we are going vegetarian (this was all Corey's idea--I was shocked). I already have a pretty good workout schedule, but Corey is hit or miss. He is going to aim for 2-3x per week--doing either the elliptical or yoga. The other part of the health is emotional/relational health. So we are both going to try to take time for our hobbies (Corey to drum, me to take pictures or read), take time for each other (date nights), and time for our family (game night, movie night or something).

Disconnect from technology--we have a really bad habit of tuning out each other and the kids when we are together by having our nose in the computer or our phone. We made a pact to leave the phones on the mantel during the evenings when we are together as a family. I am also going to try to keep the TV off most of the day when I am home with the kids. Instead we are going to have game time, art time, reading/quiet time, dance time. Corey and I love TV, but our kids watch WAY too much.

Spend time in the Word as a family--We are not great at teaching our faith to our kids, or sharing our faith with each other. So we are going to set aside a little time to read the bible together, talk about Jesus and be thankful for all the things He has done for us.

I will track our progress here. I am excited to begin!

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  1. Those sound like lovely goals!
    I can't wait to watch your progress- you got this :)


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