Tuesday, February 8, 2011

techniques for tackling a torturous Tuesday

1. Start the day playing hopscotch with cute little people

2. Leave the law school

I have been hitting the Rec and using the bike so I can read my assignments and workout
(look at that multi-tasking)

3. Treat yourself to healthful snacks throughout the day

(this is actually a tip for all the time, not just Tuesdays.
Today I had nutella on graham crackers, apple and string cheese, and now a lovely Venti Red-Eye with a bag of popcorn)

4. Talk to lovely friends on gchat :)

PS this is not Erin's baby--it is her labmate's, but I thought the pic was too cute

5. Listen to music

Today I am enjoying my Frightened Rabbit Pandora station

and of course...

6. blog :)

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  1. I have been doing my reading on the bike a lot lately too!!! IT definitely kills two birds with one stone!!! I want to hear about what this Venti Red-Eye is . . . it sounds intriguing!!!!


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