Monday, February 14, 2011

I need to be productive today...

Because I was NOT this weekend.

But oh how lovely the weekend was!

Friday night I had a lovely stay-at-home date with the hubs. He made bacon cheese burgers that melted in your mouth. I made oven baked onion rings. We enjoyed orange martinis and About a Boy.

Saturday was another dinner-this time to celebrate Brittany's Birthday. Lauren and I headed to the Vintage Roo
m to eat and laugh (despite the terrible service). We got to sit in the wine room--Lauren and I split some delicious crab dip (which will probably make an appearance on our cooking experiments soon) and a Rustica pizza. ( I wore the new dress from Forever 21 and footless tights with flats. I have decided that heels hate me and anytime I can get away with flats, I will take it!)

Sunday should have been a more productive day, but alas there was sun. And the temperatures rose above 45 degrees. So I had to run outside--it was necessary. I ran from Sabraton to the Core Arboretum and back, 7 miles. It was the most I have run lately and my body was slightly unhappy with me at the start. I am going to post about running this week, so get excited :).

I snapped a photo at the mid-point of my run. I figure as I continue, I can capture the change of seasons on my run. It was brown and kind of dead, but spring will be here soon. I love spring--green is my favorite color!

And then of course we had the first law ladies blog dinner party. The food was amazing, the company was even better. You can visit the blog in the next couple days to see how the party was and what we have decided to do with it for now.
So now I have my employment law book and my crim pro book sitting beside me. I
have a pot of coffee brewed. The weekend was definitely worth having a crazy day today!

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  1. so wish i could have been there!! we must organize another one SOON!


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