Friday, February 11, 2011


I am SO excited to bring you this post!

Allow me to announce our SUPER AMAZING new blogger

This new group is going to be full of such great things- fancy dinner parties, styling and photo shoots, surveys and guest posts, and much much more!

Here is the first of our photo shoots:

From Left to Right: Cole, Ambria, Jessica, Lauren, and Chelsy

Here are all the pics- the good, the bad, and the FUNNY!
For example, I think the one above was our "law faces." Well, it was SUPPOSED to be haha.

The Arrested Development "Chicken Dance" even made appearance!

Trust me, when you are studying LAW you need alllll the humor you can get!

Here are descriptions of each of the Five Members, and a little bit about their blogs.


Crafting Happiness is my project to celebrate the creative spirit and passion in all of us, one day at a time. I want to encourage the creative spirit is each one of my readers through: daily inspiration, fashion outfit posts, vintage finds, thrifting advice, various cute collections, home decorating, advice on translating your style to all the areas of your life, yummy food, supporting local businesses, music reviews and suggestions, and all sorts of lovely guest post by inspired souls.


I started my blog Luxlucy randomly after finding and following a few amazing blogs. After reading the blogger's posts for a few months I decided to give blogging a shot. It was a rocky start and I rarely kept up with my posting. When I started law school a year and a half ago I began to see my blog as a creative outlet instead of a burden and have started posting more and more. I love that so many of my law school friends also have blogs--I enjoy reading their posts and am inspired by them everyday!



I’ll be brief is a place where I can channel my daily frustrations, revelations, and inspirations :) For me, blogging has been a very necessary outlet during this crazy era of my life. Law school brought with it tons of new experiences, new friends, and new challenges. Having a place to sort things out and bounce ideas off other bloggers has been so helpful—and having this small community of fellow law ladies/bloggers within the vast blogosphere has been the icing on the cake!



Inter Alia (should be italicized, in legal language, means "among other things" During my second semester of law school, I realized I needed an artistic outlet that had nothing to do with the law. My best friend Jess always inspired me with her blog, so I decided to try it out!!! Currently, my posts have focused on my journey to lose weight and become more healthy, but the beauty of "among other things" means I can talk about anything my li heart desires (Including tributes to Michael Jackson and Kanye West v. Charlie Sheen debates)!!!!

AND me,

I am a law lady who is learning to find balance and beauty in all the craziness of life. A Space of My Own lets me focus on the good things, vent about the difficult ones and document the process of life and all its twists and turns.


Be sure to visit all the girl's blogs (linked in their names), and keep checking back for more of our fun projects- starting with a dinner party Sunday night!

We are working on getting a link in our sidebar so you can access the group blog and see what we are all up to :)

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