Thursday, April 7, 2011

Between a Mullet and a Hard Place...

Oh the woes of growing out my hair. I am a short-hair lover! But once your hair is really short, you have two options
Keep the same hair cut
Grow it out and try something new

(Well, I guess shaving one's head would also be an option, but not one that I am currently contemplating. )

I have really enjoyed my newest hair cut, but it isn't really my style to do the same thing over and over again. So I am in the middle of a "growing out" phase, which brings on the inevitable--the MULLET. For some reason, the back of my hair grows (or seems to grow) much faster than the front. So I end up with a mullet. And then I get frustrated and cut it all off again--making a really difficult cycle to get out of.

BUT, to get to my goal, I am doing some new things.

FIRST: Inspiration--love these hair cuts, and I think they would be a fun Fall look, which is probably how long it will take to get my hair that long -- maybe winter :)

SECOND: Change it up without cutting it up. I am trying to do new things with my current hair so that I can "feel" like I got a hair cut without actually getting it cut. Today I parted it on the other side. Simple. Made me feel so much better about my awkward stage hair.

THIRD: NO MULLET! I am fighting the mullet by trimming the back every week. It is kind of hysterical to see me cutting my own hair with a tiny mirror and somewhat dull scissors. Luckily, my hair is forgiving and I can get away with it. We will not be here again--(scroll down to mulletted photo)!!


  1. I just laughed out loud. I saw you recently-you do not have a mullet. The linked photo is definitely a mullet, so I would be honest with you. I will force myself to go back to the good sushi place and take a photo of the hostesses hair, but only for you! ;)

  2. I can't remember if I've ever commented, but I found you on...Chelsy's blog? Maybe? ANYWAY. I saw the most epic mullet on Monday at our City Hall. Spiked up front (with frosted tips, OBVIOUSLY) and a full on flowing mane down the back :) Oh, on a woman. So great.

    My sister has short hair like you, and I know how hard that in-between stage is!

  3. Hair scarves = a way to change it up! :)


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