Wednesday, April 27, 2011

After tomorrow...


pretty much.

I still have a paper to write, but it isn't due for a week AND it is my opinion on healthcare reform. Not really a stressful final project.

That said, finals have not been that bad this semester. I am not saying that the tests themselves have been easy or even that I have put in more time preparing. In fact I have put in less time. But my attitude is not stressed. I have worked hard and relaxed. I have spent time with Corey and the kiddos. I have gotten up early. I have spent time in the Word. I have spent time on the trail. I am really trying to get this whole BALANCE thing.
(liking this quote today, that I found here. Yoda was wise :)

Today my friend Britt worked "hard" on payment systems. We spent the last couple of mornings doing questions. This afternoon as a reward, we hit up Black Bear for lunch (I got the gouda riddance with tofu-YUM) and then took a really lovely walk in her neighborhood/up to the law school. It was great! If the wind hadn't been blowing so hard and the sky hadn't been so ominous, we may still be out there :)
This is Britt and I at a coal mine in Kentucky. We look pretty awesome, no?

Now I am looking over notes and having a glass of wine. Tomorrow I will proofread my take home exam and then take my last in-class exam. And then I am done... pretty much. WOW. Thanks for bearing with the finals posts/hiatus/boringness. Hopefully some new topics and additions will be made next week. Stay tuned.

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