Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Photos from the weekend

We had a great weekend full of friends and food and fun! I tried to capture as much as I could...

Friday kicked off the weekend with the law lady bloggers dinner/swap which you can read about here or watch video from here.

Saturday was a me and kiddos day-we headed over to my mommas and played outside. You can read about that here.

Sunday we didn't stop--

We started the day with brunch. Our church meets in a hotel, and the room was rented for the weekend. So we met in our community groups for brunch/study--Stunch as Corey called it. We have a fabulous people in our group.

And they can cook! We had everything from homemade danish to french toast casserole. Corey manned the omelet bar--he missed his calling as a short order cook apparently.

The sunshine made everyone want to go outside, so we tossed a frisbee around--and Brent played with the settings on my camera to create this photo, which I really like! (there is another one, but Stu is too smiley)

Once the festivities were over, I tried to lay down for a moment.

But both children wanted to rest with mommy too. The nap was short lived. We had to get ready to go anyway so Corey and I changed our clothes and headed to an awards ceremony. It was fun to wear a pretty spring dress and step out with my man.

While at said awards ceremony, I got a text from (my BFF-haha) Shawna...I have never ever called her that, but she is...inviting us over for a cookout. We grabbed the kiddos and enjoyed a really fun evening with friends. Kids played in the yard.

Grownups ate amazing food. And had a photo shoot
Chelsy and I were going for Olin Mills, family photo. It turned out way creepier!

this one is better

We weren't ready for the party to be over;
so Shawna and I threw all the children in the tub together.
Joe was not having it.

Jammies, snacks, and leap frog rounded out the night.

Today is ALMOST my last long Tuesday. I have managed to forget my coffee, my breakfast, and possibly my brain. I plan on hitting the gym later-since my jam packed weekend did not allow much time for exercise. The next 2 weeks are certainly going to be jam packed with much LESS fun things like studying, outlining, whining about studying and outlining, etc. I will try to keep all of THAT off the blog!

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