Friday, April 8, 2011

De-funking and general Friday happiness...

It has been a FUNKY week. This time of the semester always does this to me--I am on the edge of finals season. I can feel the weight starting to build on my shoulders. My brain is hopping from one worrisome thought to the next. Instead of sitting down and getting outlines and things ready, I am curled in the fetal position--ok, well not literally, but in my mind I am curled in the fetal position.

You would think after almost 4 semesters of law school, I would have figured out how to tackle all of this stuff. But every semester, the same thing happens. Today, however, I am reminding myself to BREATH!
I started the day with a workout...the elliptical may have been one of the best purchases Corey and I made last summer! Working out helps me RELEASE some of the tension. I get lost in my music and have at least 30 minutes of non-stressed out time.

Threw on some comfy clothes and my TOMS--I really want my new springy pair to get here, but my polka-dotted pair will due for today. Then I cleaned up the office and "nested" for a bit. I need an area that I feel comfy in to work and sit and read for hours on end.

A nice distraction for the morning was a play date with the Smiths. My best friend Shawna comes over every Friday morning with her daughter Addi. Grownups drink coffee and kids play. One of my favorite times during the WHOLE week.

Now kids are in bed, I am sitting down to work on an outline for Jurisprudence. More coffee and a granola bar are making it not suck so badly! In a little while, the blogger ladies will be over to eat, drink, and just generally be merry. My soul needs a fun night with friends for SURE! Photos of our little extravaganza will be posted later, so tune in.


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  1. Thank you SO much for having us over last night.
    Your place is fabulous, your kiddios are oh so sweet, and the food was delish.
    You are an inspiration!



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