Thursday, April 28, 2011

If you couldn't tell...

I am slightly obsessed with words in art.
Words as art.
The use of words in art.

Like this

and this
this one is dedicated to my WONDERFUL husband. I love you--Don't Forget. :)

NOT to be confused with word art.
Like the kind from Microsoft word that looks like this.

my favorite at the moment is this one...
I love words. They impact me profoundly. I know some people that have the same experience with movies or music. I am a word girl. So if you are annoyed by my constant posting of inspirational picture quotes or words as art... sorry.

It is almost time for me to head to the school and say "adios" to 2 more classes for the semester! Then later a fun dinner with friends - followed by one of my favorite events every week: Community Group. We are going to dig in to 1 Peter 4-5 tonight. Further thoughts on this tomorrow when I can blog at my leisure (as leisurely as one can with 2 children running around!)

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