Saturday, April 9, 2011

The UP side

If I haven't mentioned it, law school is ROUGH. It drains me. I am sure there are people out there that think it is easy breezy. I am not one of them. BUT nights like last night remind me that there is an UP side. I have a whole new community of people that I would have never known without law school. The blogger ladies (sans Lauren) were over last night for our monthly dinner/general silliness. And my funky week dissipated. I laughed hysterically. These women are all so different from me and from each other, and yet we fit. We all want different things-none has the same career path or the same lifestyle. But the level of humor and fun when we get together is unmatched by some people that I have known my whole life.

Here of some of my favorite parts...

We are serious when it comes to eating!
The table was filled with yummy, healthy and fresh foods--salad and tempeh & green bean stir fry for the main course and delicious smores for dessert!

Jess talking with her fork. It was a very important point, apparently!

The fact that Joe grabbed a stool and climbed up to the counter to make himself a smore without asking anyone. He was a man on a mission.
This face says it ALL!

Eating our dessert over the sink.
We own a reasonable number of chairs, but somehow everyone congregated in the kitchen, standing around eating and drinking.

Clothing swap--Jess and I liked trying things on :)
(PS, I'm gonna rock some of the scarves that I snagged to combat the in-between hair phase)

FAV story of the whole night: Libby is our shy little gal. She doesn't warm up to people very often, but when Corey and Michael were playing Wii frisbee golf, she was the cheerleader. Unfortunately, Michael had a few holes where he wasn't doing great and had to throw several shots in a row. Libby's cheer was "Try again Michael, try again'" which she bellowed into a plastic cup for amplification. Nothing like a near 5 year old to remind you of your shortcomings :)--Michael was a good sport though!

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