Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today was ANYTHING BUT boring

Law school, in general, is highly repetitive. There is a routine. Sometimes you switch it up, but you go to class, eat, workout, and everything repeats. But not today. Today was anything but normal. And of course that means that Jess was involved :) I will do my darnedest to do the story justice...

I was excited that the weather would be warm today because that meant that I could wear my new skirt that I snatched at the clothing swap from Jess. It was kind of a crummy day in general, but the bright pattern and POCKETS made me happy.

I was walking out to my car and I saw Jess-head down, walking to her car. I called out to show her that I wore the skirt and just say hi. She mumbled something like "looks cute" and barely lifted her head. SO NOT LIKE HER. I thought-maybe she is also having a crummy day, and continued on to my car.

A couple seconds later, she is "running" toward my car. She asks if we can talk, so we get in the car and have a conversation. She was upset--life happens and unfortunately that means hurt sometimes. We shared our mutual crumminess and jellybeans. We ended up laughing and crying and sweating-cause my car was a zillion degrees. It was getting late, and Jess had class, so we got out to go back into the law school -- first going back to her car to get her bags. You know the ones that held her books, and laptop and wallet and basically her whole life...


Not on her car where she left them. Not in her car or in my car or at any point in between. After already having an emotional conversation, this was just ICING on a poop cake. Me (being me) went through a mental list of all that we should do. We looked inside-went to the office, went to the library, went to Susan to have her send a mass email. She texted friends and Michael--everyone's eyes were peeled.


45 minutes pass without any kind of hint as to where/who/what has happened. And then our friend Lindsey finds us and says that the campus police had stopped by Jess's car earlier. Maybe they had it. Within seconds a campus cop car pulls up and Jess hurries over.

You would think--end of story. Bags are returned. Everyone is happy.

But the cops were apparently trying to make sure that Jess learned her lesson. They walked up and said , "I bet you are looking for a black bag with a laptop, camera, prescription medication, and a pink lunch box."

Of course Jess replies "Yes I am!"

The cops then proceed to lecture her about not leaving her bags on her car and how she needs to keep her stuff together. The officer even got radio-ed while they were talking and he responded "I'm talking to a suspect, get back to you later."

The whole fiasco reminded me of my favorite TV show Arrested Development (Pier Pressure Episode). The cops were channeling their best J. Walter Weatherman--I half expected them to end with "And that's why you never leave your bags on your car."

--this was the snippet I could find!

It was one of the craziest and difficult and frustrating and humorous--only because there was so little to be done. By the end, we just sat in the lobby and laughed. What else are you gonna do?

The rest of my day will be wonderfully boring.
But thanks Jess, my day is not so crummy anymore, and I hope yours isn't either :)


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