Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's the Final(s) Countdown

Classes are over... all that stands between me and the end of my 2L year are these wretched things called finals. I have 2 in class and 3 take home. So basically I have NO LIFE for the next week. I am sure L and I will keep you posted on the woes of studying crim pro and how we make it better--usually via food and beverage!

Not a lot of time to post, but check out Jess's (really Michael's) creation to celebrate the end of our 2L year!! 1 week until I am DONE--The Final(s) Countdown begins. (Picture Gob Bluth dancing to Europe's hit--or just watch it here).

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  1. GOB + Final Countdown makes me smile every time! Yay for being done with classes :)
    See ya tomorrow for some studying & delirium!


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