Friday, April 15, 2011

Finals countdown has begun...

At this exact moment, I am having a study session with Lauren. Our study sessions consist of 1 part work, 1 part laughter and 1 part snacks and the rest caffeine (coffee for me, diet coke for her). We are working our way through a Criminal Procedure Hornbook--trying to stuff as much information into our brains as is humanly possible. It is hard to believe that this is the fourth semester that L and I have studied for finals together.

Other fun-finals related stories (sorry to all of you out there that do not care about law school, these will be funny to you)

First semester...We all finished up our Civ Pro finals. Our plan was to go to L's house to study Contracts which was the next final on the docket. We were bound and determined to not waste a single second. There were four of us around her table. We stared at each other and at the book for 5 minutes until L finally got up and said "I think we'll just have a bottle of wine." Our brains were mush--Ks would have to wait.

Second semester...Property. Our first REALLY hard, closed book exam. L, Brittany and I spent 3 solid days in a class room of the law school.
We went through all of our notes-which is a typical way to study, the difference this time? We wrote them ALL on the board (I was the designated board writer despite my terrible handwriting). We had massive breakthroughs and utter confusion in the span of minutes. By the end, Brittany had created a 17 page handwritten document that she copied from my notes on the board that took you through everything property related. We are nerdy. And it shows.

Third semester...the evil exam was Evidence. SO MANY RULES. HERESAY-UGH! So like everyone else, our study group got flashcards. L and Charlie were my study partners for this one and we spent a good 36/48 hours together.
We were up early and to bed late, only really breaking for food. And we just kept reading flashcards. L ended up delirious (ok I did too). I think Charlie was the only one who kept his wits about him. We ended up laughing hysterically at youtube videos and making jokes about the ridiculous names that the flashcards kept using.

Who knows what this semester will hold in terms of finals prep. I know L and I will be sick of one another after studying for both crim pro and employment. But we usually rally. And by rally I mean we go have drinks at the Fish Bowl or get a pedicure and all is healed.

Bliss is 2 weeks away.

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