Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween: the adult party

Corey and I have not done Halloween in a long time. I think only once since we got married-and it was a somewhat lame costume without much thought. The fact that our friend Cameron has a out-of-control Halloween party every year to celebrate his birthday makes it pretty ridiculous that we have never participated. This year, we changed all of that! All we needed was a good idea-and Corey's Type-A personality to create a superb couples costume. I give you...

Dexter and Victim.
 the first question from every person "Is that a real knife?"
Answer: Yes. Corey's brainchild-looked awesome and gruesome

If you have never seen the show, our costumes may not make sense. Here are some pics from the actual TV show to show you accuracy-Corey was dead on in his costume :) Note the cellophane use-I covered more of my body for the sake of modesty.

The other guests at the party were equally bedecked in some creative costumes. Cameron was Abraham Lincoln with Sarah on his arm as Mary Todd. He went so far as to memorize the Gettysburg Address and recite it to us on the front porch with the flag waving in the background. I have the video. You can check it out on my fb page. He also reenacted his death scene, and returned to the party as Zombie Abe. The Swearingens came as army men (my personal favorite costumes of the night). Batman was there, Thor, a crazy bear that I still don't understand. Everyone had a blast at the very patriotic Halloween Party.

 Abe and Mary before getting shot.

 Zombie Abe with Army Man.

Me and Violet Beauregard (aka Chelsy Gevas)

All in all it was a supremely enjoyable night. I'm not sure that we will ever top our costumes, but I know that we are going to keep trying. It was too much fun to not do again!

Kiddos go trick-or-treating tonight, so expect some photos of them in the near future. They will be much cuter than Corey and I :).

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  1. Your costumes were so creative, love them! Can't wait to see pics of the kiddos :)


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