Tuesday, October 11, 2011

BTW |:| Bozic-Taylor Weekend

At least a couple times a year, we have Bozic-Taylor weekends. More in the last couple-which is fine by all of us. The weekends generally involve really good food, really great fellowship, and a whole lot of vegging!  This past weekend was a family affair--all 7 of us in participation. And it went remarkably well. I say "remarkably" because having 3 kids sleep in one room could have been horrendous, but they all got along WONDERFULLY! (and they slept pretty wonderfully as well!).

Here is the time-line with photos (although, Danie has a lot more photos - so check her blog for more):

AM: Bozics leave Morgantown
PM: Bozics arrive at Taylor residence; DINNER--brats, chips, beans, homemade salsa (YUM)

the rest of the evening was spent hanging out, letting kiddos play, catching up on all the new and exciting things that had gone on since the last time we were together.

AM: I hung out with kiddos while Scott and Danielle went to work and Corey ran errands. We did all kinds of fun things like...

play with balloons

jump around

play outside

take photos (typical brother behavior)

Early PM: Once the Taylors got home, Danielle and I headed out to have our girl time.

 Which involved a tattoo for her (SO EXCITED TO BE THERE) and yummy drinks and apps at a downtown place. I will let Danie share her tattoo with you, but I will steal her KILLER pic of our drinks with the reflection of the buildings in the background.

Later PM: Delicious butternut squash stuffed shells, fun fall drink called a Boardwalk Boss, and just hanging out.

AM: Boys turn to head out and enjoy some early morning golf adventures.

Girls manned all three kiddos-we went to Ainsley's soccer game, brunch at Tomato Head, and the Farmer's Market.

Early PM: Mountaineer Football--wings, spuds and lounging.

Later PM: Dinner--tempeh and green bean stir fry with peanut sauce. recipe here. Once kiddos were tucked in, the adults VEGGED OUT. We watched funny videos and ate cookies (or cookie dough for me :). As always, we laughed (until I snorted) and wished tomorrow wasn't the day we left.  It was loverly!

AM: Church at OneLife. It was great to get to worship with our friends and see what they are doing in their church.

PM: the long drive home-always sad to leave.

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  1. What a fun weekend! I could use a good trip to catch up with old friends :)


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