Friday, October 14, 2011

Lawbrary |:| learning to compromise

If there is one thing I have learned in law school, it is the art of compromise. Sure, I mean it in the context of clients and cases, but more in life. Take this weekend for example. My wonderful mother offered to take our kids overnight on Saturday (thank you Mom). So Corey and I started thinking about what we would like to do. We have been wanting to go to the outlets, but didn't want that to be our only adventure. So we decided we would take the kiddos to the outlets Saturday morning and then have a nice date night after we dropped them off. Dinner and a movie maybe (or skip dinner and eat popcorn and candy AT the movies :). However, in order to have this wonderful Saturday, my Friday night and most of the day Sunday will be spent reading and researching. I am currently parked at my dining room table trying to knock out as much of Labor Law and Consumer Protection (EW) as possible before I make dinner. After dinner, I will park myself here again to push through more Consumer Protection (because it NEVER ENDS) and Wealth Transfers.

And Tomorrow???


Life is compromise. And tonight is not rainbows or butterflies, but tomorrow will be lovely. So we just keep moving along...

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