Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DIY Corner |:| Be forewarned I am NOT crafty

As evidenced by my endeavor today.

I have been on pinterest for a bit now, and one of my favorite aspects are the DIY ideas. I love looking at things and seeing how doable they are. But then I remember. I am not crafty. I am almost positive that the right side of my brain is missing.

But my friend Lauren had said she was going to get crafty this weekend, and I thought--"Pinterest says that I can do I will." And the one thing I know how to do is knit. So I went to Michael's and got some pretty yarn.

 I grabbed my size 13 needles and sat down to make this...

So cute. Seemingly so easy--short, wide scarf with a button. I had to figure out the pattern. I was thinking Knit, Knit, Knit, Knit--Purl, Purl, Purl, Purl. But I started and it didn't look right. So I called my very, very crafty mother-in-law, Becky. I asked her to pull up my pinterest and tell me what she thought the pattern was. After a few minutes of looking for the picture, she said, "Well, Cole, that's crochet." And guess what? I don't know how to crochet.

But Becky, being a wonderful mother-in-law, said she would show me how (maybe a good Thanksgiving break activity for the two of us). So that scarf will have to wait for a bit. In the meantime I will use my size 13 needles to make a normal scarf for myself or some other lucky person ;)


  1. Cole - I also know how to crochet (I know nothing about knitting). My grandma taught me when I was 6 or 7. So, if you need any help, I'd love to show you the ropes.

  2. After further studying the picture and looking around on the net a little bit I found that it is indeed knitting.....on size 19 needles with double thread. I'm sure we can figure it out. It is also very easy to do! It is made with chunky yarn, so I wonder if it is kinda heavy with double strands!

  3. I LOVE me some knitting! I am actually super psyched for it to get chilly.
    Hot tea, a cozy blanket and an evening of knitting sound like the perfect fall night! :)


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