Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the office |:| sunny days

I'm working today, and realized I haven't blogged about my new office. With the influx of new associates, I moved out of my old office a month ago. It was only sad for nostalgic purposes-it was my first big girl office, I realized for sure that I wanted to be a lawyer in that office, and I had a lovely little bird that liked to fly into my window (and scare the crap out of me) every other day or so.

My new office is fabulous though!

Especially on sunny days like today--thank goodness the rain stopped. I have lots of windows and space. My window looks at 705, but there are some trees to make it seem picturesque :).  We have our own little kitchenette on this end of the building with a coffee pot and water cooler (but it is FAR from the kitchen where candy and treats tempt me constantly). I don't have a bird, but a stink bug named Carl likes to crawl on my window (on the outside of my window--no bugs on the inside. You can ask Lindsay McIntosh about a fly situation we had in here the other day!).

I hang here 2 days a week-researching and writing and listening to Pandora. Next fall, I will be here permanently. It is crazy to think I will be a baby-lawyer in less than a year! (as long as that pesky thing called the Bar exam goes off without a hitch). Hope your work days are made better with a little sun too!

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