Thursday, November 3, 2011


I haven't done a "currently" post in a very long time. What AM I up to-besides law school ridiculousness?

so currently I am...

gungor--so wonderful
this is the song "Beautiful Things" (thanks Danie for sharing)-the rest of their stuff is equally amazing!


I have been having major withdrawal since finishing the Hunger Games in August. I have taken to forcing my friends to read it so that I can relive the wonderfulness through them. It is tempting to read Harry Potter again, or Narnia. But if any of you have suggestions for new-to-me books-PLEASE-HELP!

STUDYING: Lies Women Believe, and the TRUTH that Sets them Free

It has been a great study for this semester of life. I am recognizing a lot of areas that God wants to refine me. And replacing lies with TRUTH is always a good idea!

We just finished up a Twilight Movie Marathon (I am sure Corey is so happy I am sharing that information!). Now onto another season of Dexter-so fun especially after our awesome Halloween costumes. I am also obsessed with the Sing Off! It is such a great show, and I think this is the best season. Ben Folds is my favorite, so the show could be terrible and I would still watch. But, it isn't. It is great.
Lovely fall treats
Corey and I have had a great time cooking together and creating our own "specialties". We make a killer pizza, and a mean grilled cheese (ciabatta bread is the KEY ingredient). I love making soup. He loves bbq anything and chilis of all sorts. And we can add bacon to almost anything :)

CRAFTING (what?! I know, me crafting?): 
I have not yet ventured beyond the scarf-,mainly because now everyone I know wants one. And they are super cute and fun to make!
Makes my heart happy to see my friends wear things I created!

Other than that, I am busy, busy with kids, and school, and work, and life. Same old, same old! Check out the family blog to see the kiddos in their Halloween costumes! SUPER CUTE!

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  1. Aw, I love these kinds of posts! I love that song too! :) Hm, what kinds of books do you like to read? I might be able to come up with some suggestions!


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