Thursday, November 17, 2011


In case we aren't fb friends, and you would like to see some photos of my adorable children, you can hope over to the family blog. I posted some photos from a mini photo shoot that spontaneously occurred a couple weeks ago.

Today is my big presentation for one of my classes. So of course I am updating blogs and things...not practicing or preparing.
To be honest, I already have butterflies. I am not a BAD public speaker, but I am a NERVOUS one. Some people's voice shakes, some stumble over their words, me? My legs have uncontrollable tremors. So when I wear heels, you can hear the chatter in the background. Awesome. I actually had an acting class in college. My instructor told me to take the nervous energy in my feet and redirect it to my facial expressions. I never quite mastered that-mainly because I have no idea what he was talking about. It will be nice to have it OVER-and then afterwards dinner at our professor's house. AND THEN?? Thanksgiving Break. YAY! Not that I will "break" much. But not having to go to class will be wonderful!

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