Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lawbrary :: finals necessities

In this edition of law school talk, I will tell you all the things that are necessary for me when it comes to finals...and when I know my brain can take no more.

I am distracted by a dirty house-mainly because even cleaning seems better than studying when one gets desperate. So I clean it beforehand and then am not tempted to clean during finals. I know my brain can take no more when I am cleaning really random things-organizing the junk closet, rearranging my closet, cleaning the bathroom with a toothbrush.
For two weeks I don't put in my contacts. This is a weird rule. I am not saying that all of my finals necessities make sense-just that they are necessary. Not wearing contacts keeps my eyes from getting too tired. And when I fall asleep on my books or at my computer (which has happened) I don't have to worry about eye infections.
I love everything about this look--dark hair again??
Lauren and I have been planning our Wealth Transfers edibles all week.
So far we are making these...

and these....

and these...

and this...when our brains stop working.
vootbeer :)
I also stock up on healthy snacks like banana chips and mixed nuts; greek yogurt; graham cracker sticks and fresh fruit; and carrot sticks with salsa.
I have no trouble with this one.

Comfy pants, sweaters, maybe my new cowl :)

5. When everything seems to be overwhelming....LAUGH
When I study with Lu-who it seems I study with every semester (1-Contracts; 2-Property; 3-Evidence; 4-Crim Pro; 5- Wealth Transfers), we laugh A LOT. After hours of studying, we usually take a few moments to tune into the most hilarious thing to a law student during finals...cats doing funny things.
These next couple of weeks are going to be tough--but here we go. In two weeks I am one semester away from being done with school forever (whoa). Or if all else fails...I'll start a knitting business. :) See you all when I emerge post-finals!

all images (except cowl) are from my "finals necessities" board on pinterest.

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