Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Small pleasures...again

Tuesday blogs are almost always going to need to be focused on the good things that make me smile. (PS today I am celebrating that we are halfway through the semester--and thus halfway done with long Tuesdays)!

So what are some of the simple pleasures I am focusing on today??

My Thermos.
  • My dad was throwing this away several years ago, and I rescued it from the trash. It is circa 1977, and I love it. It holds a half a pot of coffee and keeps it hot for hours. I take it with me to school everyday.

Home Dates with my husband.
  • We have two children. I have mentioned this fact. We love them. But with my schedule, and his schedule and two kids and lack of baby sitters (and lack of money to pay baby sitters), we don't go on dates very often. So this semester we have been having more home movie dates. Tonight we are watching Inception, eating our favorite movie snacks (popcorn, Mike 'N' Ikes for me, Junior Mints for him), and imbibing an adult beverage.
Friends who are silly (and wonderful).
  • Law School is a lot like high school. We make fun of the fact that we have dances, and booths and yes even a Halloween parade. Today Lauren had to make a sign for a table where she was selling raffle tickets for the PIA auction. I snapped a photo of her "showing it off" to me :)

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