Friday, March 25, 2011


I am inspired by random things. I like simple, uncomplicated images. I am okay with pattern, but nothing fussy. I love the rustic and the modern.

But I am always inspired by Danielle Taylor. Her house, her clothes, her eye for detail. It is sooo appropriate that the title of her blog is "it's the little things in life." I feel like she has really got the details down. I am not great at details. I put together a shirt and pants and then I am done. Danielle has earrings and a bracelet, shoes, purse, belt, ring...she looks complete, put together. And she makes it look effortless.

Her house is much the same way. The shelves are not packed full of things, but there are details that are striking. Like a pretty rattan box on top of a stack of books. Her style isn't easy to define-shabby chic, comfortable modern--whatever it is, I think it is fabulous. AND it always inspires me to experiment and find the details that make me happy.

Some of my favorite photos from the weekend have no people in them at all--and I am going to share those with you now.
the numbers from their house

a shelf for glassware. Art that is functional :)
I also feel like the pops of red really are a part of Danie's DNA
I love the bowl full of corks and the red painted canvas that just sits behind other stuff--DETAILS!!
Just hanging out on the counter top
a pretty cook book on a stand and (again) a pop of red with the pepper mill

my very favorite photo--I want to frame it.
Teapot on the stove, can't explain my love of it, just do.

One of the things that I learned while visiting was my love of taking pictures of things like this. Some people are great with pictures of people-I love pics of my friends and kids etc. I love pictures of nature and old buildings. But I really LOVE the photos I took around her house. Experimenting with lighting, capturing the simplest of scenes. Makes me smile. So I will be doing more of it for sure.

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