Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another long Tuesday

It was SO nice to have a week where I did not write about my long Tuesday. But here I am back in class and watching the clock tick--is it 7:20 yet?


LUCKILY it is sunny. And it looks like spring outside (it doesn't feel like it because it is 40 degrees). Spring makes me so happy. Fall is probably my favorite season, but Spring is a close second. The colors (especially the GREEN) make me smile. The budding trees and colorful clothing that comes out. Spring always makes me want to change things up. So I am taking some of my earlier goals a little further and changing them up for this new season of life.

One of my original goals was to be healthy--not be on a diet or strict exercise routine, but to be healthy. To make healthy choices and be happy with my body no matter what the scale tells me.

So today...
I gave up artificial sugar.
One of the only reasons I used it was because the thought of drinking calories made me upset. I love food--to devote any calories to a beverage seemed absurd. But I have pretty much cut out soda anyway, all that was left was coffee. And I drink a lot of coffee with a lot of sweetener. I think that it has really messed with my body's ability to feel hungry and satisfied (especially with sweets). So for spring, I am going to see what happens if I replace the artificial with regular sugar. Spring time also brings more fresh fruits and veggies that I am excited to incorporate into our menus.
I started an exercise switch up

I am so bad about getting in a cardio rut. I feel like I have exercised when I run or do the elliptical. There is something so satisfying about being sweaty and exhausted. But Saturday I did a long run that ended with strained muscles--it was cold, I wasn't properly hydrated, and I pushed too hard. I don't want to do nothing, so the hamstring/knee injuries mean that I have to try some new things. Today I did a free weight workout. I am planning on incorporating pilates too. It is really refreshing to think about new ways to keep in shape!

Spring (even with this cold start) invigorates me!

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  1. Spring gets me pumped too! Now if this weather would settle on something already - preferably in the 70's - that would be fantastic! Good luck with your new exercise adventures. ;)


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