Sunday, March 6, 2011

Plan B

In my mind, this weekend was supposed to go something like this...

Friday-- I would spend the day coloring pictures with the kids,
I would work on my memo while they took 3 hour naps,
I would take my time getting ready for the Dean's Partner's Gala while Corey played with the kids and prepped their dinner.
Then I would kiss everyone goodnight and go enjoy an evening of good food and dancing before coming home to snuggle with my hubby and watch a movie.
Saturday--meal planning, grocery shopping as a family, more memo and then family movie night.
Sunday, church, lunch, relaxation, and of course more memo.

Instead, Joe got sick, and was feverish and coughing all day on Friday. Which meant we all stayed in jammies and watched more TV than I would like. I got almost nothing done on my memo. I was in a robe with no make-up until Corey got home-giving me 20 minutes to make myself go from this...

to this...

The Gala was fun, but since Corey was on call, the evening was cut short when an emergent case was called in. So I rushed home and watched a movie by myself instead of with him. He was gone until almost 4 am :(

Saturday the first thing that happened was that I was puked on twice by Joe. I made the grocery list alone (Corey helped the meal planning by leaving a list of possible dishes for me to run with--he's a great husband). Once Corey was up and out of bed (Joe was passed out on the couch), Libby and I had a mommy/daughter date to the store.
It was actually a lot of fun. Until she said that she felt sick too--and I realized that both she and I had fevers. Boo.

So instead of memoing during naptime, I took a mental break to watch TV with Corey. Post naps, we broke our veggie experiment with pepperoni pizza.
IT was delicious. Family movie night looked like it was going to go as planned. We blew up the queen sized air mattress and got all our snacks together (raisinets, rainbow twizzlers, popcorn and juice).

Joe liked the raisinets-ALOT-can't you tell by his face?

The Netflix DVD for Toy Story was broken :( But we improvised and ordered Toy Story 3 ondemand. 10 minutes in, Corey got called into work. So I spent the evening cuddled on the air mattress with the kiddos (crying for the last 15 minutes of the movie--good grief Disney/Pixar, first UP and now this.) and then watched a movie alone. Again.

Sunday morning-Corey had another case to go in for. Kids were too sick for church. So a surprise trip to grandma's house was definitely in order. Mom played while I ran on the treadmill for a bit. Corey came by after the case was over. Now the kiddos are napping. we are all feeling on the mend. I am hopeful that Corey and I will finally have our home date tonight. The memo can wait until tomorrow to get started. ( I mean it already waited this long, right?)

As a parent (and just a regular person) plans change. This was not the weekend I planned; It wasn't even Plan B--more like Plan Mm(ii); But it was full of funny moments and fun times. I missed my husband terribly, but I appreciate how he provides for us! He makes it possible for me to go to school and keeps us all fed and warm. So while I "Boo" him being gone all weekend, I am thankful that he has the job that he has! And I am just incredibly thankful for him.

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  1. can I just say that plan Mm(ii) is one of the nerdiest things you could possibly write? oh, and that i absolutely LOVE you for being that nerdy?
    hope you and the kiddos are feeling 110%


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