Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It was a lovely weekend in TN...

the weather was warm. The sun was out. But even if it had been gross outside, it would have been fun. That's what great about having friends like the Taylors.

We did, however, take full advantage of the sunshine. Boys golfed on Saturday while the girls lazily got ready and caught up on all necessary points of life.

Corey enjoying some wings while watching the game

Later on, we watched WVU play Kentucky-with an unfortunate end. Danielle and I got a mani/pedi with her mom Terry. It was so lovely and relaxing. I even had them put a color on my nails which I NEVER do. I call it purply-cement, I forgot to find out the actual name.

Then we went to get dinner and drinks at this awesome place called The Crown & Goose-it is a British Pub that has some great beer on tap and even better food. We met Erin there--so good to see her face! We also met some friends from Morgantown who were also visiting Knoxville-Cam and Sarah. It was a lively party that we took back to the Taylors!

funny animal videos make everyone laugh :)

I think this photo would make a great jean ad

There was good conversation and some hilarious photos like

Scott talks with his hands and in this particular photo it looks as if he is about to smack Danie
He didn't -- just double clarifying!

and this...
I thought it was funny that the boys were hovering around the computer to watch a youtube video.
When I went to snap a photo Cam saw and stuck his tush out further.

Sunday was church at OneLife--a very cool church that you can check out here. We also went to Newk's for lunch. It was delicious. They had the best salad bowls-had to snap a photo.

Yum and Yum!

We also met up with Erin and her dog Fancy at a local park. The girls soaked up some sun while the boys threw the Frisbee. Fancy enjoyed chasing balls and rolling in the grass.

She also loved me :)

Sunday came to an end far too quickly. We chilled at the Taylors and did a low key dinner/movie night. We watched Please Give -- great movie! We said good bye Monday morning and made the long trek back home.

Later this week I am going to blog about all the things that inspire me when I visit my very creative friend Danie--so look for it Thursday or Friday!

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  1. I love that you included photos of my little nugget! She did love you, just like I do!!


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