Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Walk-In Closet |:| My Style Pinboard

Let us take a walk back time...

Two years ago, I started law school...
My wardrobe consisted of T-shirts, flare cut jeans, and sneakers.
Here is a photo. 
I would repeat this in different colors pretty much everyday. It was easy and comfortable, and not scary. Because fashion to me is slightly scary.

The last two years, my style has changed-maybe not dramatically to those of you who are very fashion forward. But for me - it is a pretty drastic change. I mean, c'mon, I bought booties and leggings.

Despite my desire to change things up, I struggle to pick out items and pair items. Welcome Pinterest. I am (slightly) obsessed with this site. It provides me with recipes and DIY ideas--word art and home decor inspiration. But for a fashion-fearing gal, it also provides great cues for outfits. So my motto this year is going to be "Staples and Stretch"--meaning keep the STAPLES: I still love T-shirts and jeans--cardigans and scarves. But I need to STRETCH: add an item that maybe I wouldn't have on my own. Here are some of my inspirational outfits.

STAPLES: T-shirt, jeans 
STRETCH: everything else. I like the hat and jacket, but they scare me. 
the boots are super cute, but it is definitely a stretch.

STAPLES: jeans, T-shirt, scarf 
STRETCH: stripy flats paired with gold-ish bag
 (don't you like my fashion verbage-very articulate)

STAPLES: TOMS, jeans, tank 
STRETCH: odd cardigan that I probably wouldn't pick for myself

STAPLES: cardigan and jeans.
STRETCH: heels, bangles and top. I am not much of a bracelet person.
(plus I prob wouldn't pair the distressed jean with such a polished outfit)

You can see all the other inspiring outfit creations I have pinned on My Style Pinboard. And feel free to make suggestions. I am always open to fashion ideas :)

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