Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Book Nook|:| The Hunger Games Trilogy

     I admit that I love Young Adult Fiction books. I love Harry Potter and I liked Twilight. Some of my favorite all time books fall into this category-A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Beauty, etc. I can't help it, really. These books (when written well) have all the emotion and character development as grown-up books without all the garbage.
     So when my friend Ellen told me about The Hunger Games trilogy, I was psyched. And it didn't disappoint. In fact I have already lent out my books twice in a two week period. That means since I bought my set in August, four people have read/are reading them-and my friends Lauren and Erin bought their own. Granted my friend Meghan read them in world record time, but that is how one MUST read these books. They are impossible to put down.
     A little Background that doesn't spoil ANYTHING-you could read it on the jacket of the book: The main character is a girl named Katniss who lives in District 12--at some point America is mostly destroyed and all that remains is the Capitol and 13 districts, which the Capitol uses to support itself. One of the districts rebels and is annihilated by the Capitol. In order to keep the other districts in line the Capitol begins the Hunger Games. Every year, each district must give a girl and a boy (between the ages of 12-18) to participate. What do they have to do? Fight to the DEATH. Weird, right? It is so strange how accepted the games have become to the people that live in this book. 

 Katniss is a compelling character-she doesn't know her own strength or beauty or charisma. You watch her grow and change as the books progress. Of course there is love and action and happy and sad. All the elements necessary for a good book (in my opinion). But I am most impressed by the author's ability to captivate me. I could not stop reading, and I felt like I knew the characters.

The movies begin in March 2012--so READ BEFORE VIEWING. You won't regret it!

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  1. I am a fan of vampires and gushing really enjoyed the Hunger Games. But I could not agree with you about feeling like the end was premature. In fact I had to go back and read some of it again because it was like whiplash.
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