Tuesday, September 20, 2011

changing things up...

I have struggled through the summer to figure out what my blog is. It is a place where I share what? Does it matter? Do I enjoy blogging?
Well, for the record, I do enjoy blogging. It is fun to write and document the lovely and not so lovely parts of life. But my very ordered brain really hates the chaotic posts and disorganized nature of what my blog is currently.
If my blog was a picture--it would look like this... 

when I really want it to look like this...

All that being said, this blog is my space. (thus the title-A Space of My Own) I share my life with a great man and two beautiful kids, not to mention friends and extended family and church and school. So this blog is where I get to process it all--where I get to share what works and what doesn't--where I get to talk about the things that I really love!
So I am introducing some specific posts that highlight the areas that I care most about or are just a big part of who I am right now. So here are a few new pieces to my Space...

  • Book Nook: I am revamping Book Worm series. This is where I share about books that I love or am reading or that I hate (hated books are a very short list, really I can only categorize ONE book as hated "The House of Mirth." - ugh, terrible).
  • Kitchen Adventures: FOOD. I love food and cooking and baking. (oh and the eating part isn't too bad either). The hubs and I have become much more adventurous in our kitchen-with ingredients, with recipes-and I love to share what works, other foodie blogs, and tricks and tips I pick up along the way.
  • The Office: I work. It is part of my life. I am a wanna-be property attorney, and I don't want to forget to talk about this piece of who I am right now. I love my job-it can certainly be draining, but law school was one of the best decisions I ever made (right after marrying Corey and popping out our kiddos). 
  • Walk-In Closet: I am a fashion infant--I make other people (cough-Danielle and Lauren and Britt) dress me. But when I create an outfit or buy some fun pieces, I like to share my successes with the blogging world.
  • Law Library (aka Lawbrary-at least to @LDCMcIntosh): Again. I go to school. It is a BIG part of my life right now. It is not always fun. But the friendships that have been forged and the opportunities I have been given here are really extraordinary and should be documented.
  • cityChurch: I have a really great church. I love sharing about what Jesus has done in my life through these incredible people. 
  • Living Spaces: Everything else. I can talk about places we go and the people we see. Probably a lot of coffee mentioned... cause you know-I love it. My life is full of interesting happenings--even though I sometimes think it is all very boring! 
I think it is reasonable to think that I will post more about some than others. But I hope to get one of each at least MONTHLY. Am I missing anything? I love feedback, so don't be shy :)
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  1. i love reading anything you post :) I read it and pretend you're saying it in the kitchen, haha! miss you!


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