Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yesterday was crazy...

Most weekends are mellow at our house. We hang out with the kids and watch TV. I study-Corey drums. But since Friday was so chill, I was itching to get out. So yesterday, we packed our parka-ed kids in the car and did some shopping. I got some cute PJ pants and new shoes.

The flats are red (and were $5) the heels are brown. The picture is deceiving.

While the kids were napping, Corey and I did yoga together for the first time. We tried not to laugh to hard at one another. I think it could become part of our weekly routine!
After the kids took a nap, we tagged along to the women's basketball game with my parents. Joe was not a HUGE fan. mainly he wanted to be on the floor playing too. Libby clapped and cheered. She especially loved that my mom bought her a hot dog and a box of popcorn.
When I got home, Corey had fixed a nice big pot of lasagna soup (which was delicious). He and I played Wii Resort for a while and then hit the hay.
This morning was church. I am sure I will blog more about cityCHURCH in the weeks to come. But I snapped this photo of communion. It was a great service this morning-focusing on Romans 4, and the idea of faith. I will have to meditate on it more before I share thoughts and feelings.

Now all that studying I didn't do yesterday needs to get done today. So I am hitting the books until the football game is on. (I am making chicken nachos and peanut butter pie for game time).

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