Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hebrews 10:14 and Fashion

So what do a bible verse and fashion have to do with one another?

Well this verse has been on my mind lately. It says "By one sacrifice He has made perfect forever those who are being made holy." The second half is what gets me. He is continuously making me holy and I don't get what that means. So I was trying to look at other aspects of my life to aid in my understanding. And I landed on fashion.

I am not a fashionista. I am not even close to one. I do not set trends--I generally do not even know what is trendy. Before law school I wore jeans and T-shirts everyday. I would buy Gap's My Favorite T in every color available. The only other clothing I owned was usually a present from one of my sisters in an effort to make me look more presentable. And for some people, jeans and a T-shirt is all that they need. But I was fearful of fashion. I also am slightly insecure about my body and lacked the confidence to try new things.

BUT I have some very fashion savvy friends. The last year I have seen how I have evolved into a more trendy dresser because of them. I am not saying that I have changed myself to fit in or that I have compromised my comfort to be a trendier person. RATHER I have become more comfortable with fashion and experimentation. Ultimately, I have become more comfortable with myself and the clothes that I wear.

Lauren (aka LUXLUCY) is my go to person. On a daily basis I ask her what looks good. She is brutally honest with me about clothing. I have learned to never say never -- a year ago I made fun of people that wore boots over their jeans and I am currently writing this wearing slim fit jeans and boots over them...oh and a fashion scarf). I also have a lovely friend Danielle who dresses me when we are together. She is patient with me and lets me try to put outfits together and then we tweak it to make it look good.

Spending time with these people has helped me find who I am in the world of clothing. So over the last year I have learned the following: I do not like heels much. I love flats-pretty flats, boots, TOMS. I prefer skinny jeans to boot cut (huge revelation in my world). I still love T-shirts, but I accessorize more freely. I wear scarves and earrings. I dislike necklaces, but I try them out every month or so. I even bought booties.

(BOOTIES, horizontal stripes and big hoop earrings. All things I never would have worn before. I sent this to both Lauren and Danielle to have them celebrate my fashion success!)

So what does this have to do with holiness? Well I think that is what it looks like. Being with people who love clothes and are comfortable with trying new things. Being with people that I feel comfortable asking questions, and who are patient enough to answer them has made me a more confident dresser. So spending time with God-reading my bible, meditating, praying, being in community with other believers-all of that is the process of being made holy. It isn't that I will be a different person. I will be more myself. I will be more confident about the perfect person He created.

All in all I am enjoying the process. And I love that it is a process... a stretching of the borders of what I thought was possible.

PS--I love photos, and will include more of them as we go on :)


  1. Ahem, don't forget wearing converse sneakers with ball gowns :)

  2. Cute outfit!
    I am liking this look, oh and this new blog in general :)
    Sorry you could not make it to Hot Yoga, but for sure we will do it soon. It is SO lovely!

    Keep up the inspiring blogging!


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