Monday, June 27, 2011

the benefits of a run...

I have been off... to say the least. So many things to do-not enough hours. I had all these deadlines at work, Children's church to plan, papers to write, finals to prep for, laundry and ironing and a messy house...

I found this the other day and laughed out loud in my office--the story of my life

But I knew it was bad because even the chocolate was not bringing the happy back :)

Saturday was spent trying to check some things off the To-Do list as well as spend some Q-time with the kiddos (we took a fun walk on the trail, played at the park and went to the movies). So come Sunday my tank was empty. I thought that I would be able to work on my final in the afternoon, but it didn't open until 9 pm. Soo... I made the executive decision to run instead. I needed some time outside to myself. AND WOW. I think a HUGE reason that I was so stressed was just my lack of exercise. My whole being needed some endorphines--and a release of all that tension I was holding in.
It also helps that we live in such a beautiful place with great trails! It was so green and lovely. The temperature was just right! Sometimes the mental break-a deep breath of sanity is just as important as all the physical benefits of a run. But man, I can tell you, I feel like myself again.

I still want dessert :)

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