Thursday, June 16, 2011

5 minutes...

I have already worked out, taken a shower, packed my lunch. Usually the kids are up by now, but this morning, they have blessed me with 5 minutes to sit and blog.

I know I keep saying how crazy the summer has been, but it has!! Work has been busy, busy. I'm writing a lot more than I ever have before-which is good practice, but leaves me drained. Legal writing, creative writing, basically anything but blog writing exhausts me. But writing is definitely part of the job, so I need to get used to it.So since I only have a few minutes, here are some of the things I'm doing currently...


Such a great book about a woman who was abducted and kept in a room. She has a child with her captor. The story is told from the little boy Jack's point of view. I will definitely blog about it when I finish.


Bon Iver; available on NPR. I have probably listened to the whole album 3-4 times. The first song more than that. It is a really lovely, mellow album. I was not a huge fan the first time I heard For Emma, Forever Ago, but it grew on me. And now I am hooked.


Lots of fresh fruits and veggies. We've been grilling veggies at night and making fruit smoothies in the morning. I love summer!


Corey booked a few nights for us in Charleston, SC. I am pumped to end my summer in a fun and beautifully historic city!!


  1. We just moved to Charleston, SC! You will have a great time :)

  2. Is it bad that I love writing...I never thought as an engineer I would say that, but I totally love it! I will work on sending my vibes to you! PS I need to get some new music from you :)


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