Friday, July 1, 2011

Book Worm

So remember when I said I was going to read a lot this summer and blog all about it?

I remember that too. Funny thing is, I am 6 weeks into the summer and have finished ONE book. ONE. that makes me sad. I was reading more during law school. But that said, the ONE book that I have read was quite good. I mentioned it a couple weeks ago. ROOM. It was wonderful because the situation was so bad (girl abducted, raped, gives birth, lives in a room), but you were reading it from the POV of a little boy who knew no other life. Kuddos to Emma Donoghue for a very well-written book.

I miss being lost in a book. Corey and I have recently invested a lot of time in watching The Wire-which is a GREAT show. But -man- books are my escape! I LOVE them! of my action steps to kick my rear-end into gear in the book department was signing up for a GoodReads account. I found out about it from my friend and AVID book reader/lover Charity. You can check her blog out here. She reads-alot. And GoodReads is a great venue for me to see (stalk) her books-her reviews and to-read lists. I HIGHLY recommend signing up and cataloguing what you read. HOWEVER, please note that I accidentally linked it to my twitter/facebook so I really clogged up my accounts when I started rating books I had read. Whoops!

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