Tuesday, July 5, 2011

my musical obsessions...

Lately I have been playing music in my office at work, and this song is one that has been on repeat for awhile...(have I ever mentioned that I am one of THOSE people that listen to the same song over and over without stopping--cause I am).

I really like The Civil Wars and HIGHLY recommend listening to the whole album available here on Noisetrade. Which--I am slightly obsessed with too. It is a really great site where one can listen to whole albums for FREE. I have downloaded Brooke Waggoner and Josh Rouse as well as Josh Garrels. All are pretty mellow, but I am a mellow music kind of gal (unless I'm running).

After our SUPER JAM PACKED BIRTHDAY WEEKEND, I needed a little mellow. I will certainly Blog about the CandyLand adventure party soon--and I am sure Danie will too. It was a blast!

Here is me and the birthday boy as things were winding up. He is a sweaty, dirty mess (and I am not much better. But we both had such a great time!

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