Monday, July 18, 2011

a lovely quote...

I found this quote on one of my new favorite sites--we <3 it. Lots of photos...tons of word art :) I like this quote because it is just another thing that I need to learn. I think of courage as bravery--fighting valiantly for the things that I believe in. But sometimes...sometimes it is harder to stop fighting, knowing that the battle begins again in the morning.

I have the tendency to think myself a failure if I set a goal and don't achieve it. I set a goal to have no snacks after 8 pm and fail after night 3. I set a goal to only have 2-3 cups of coffee a day and two pots later hate myself and the stupid goal. But really, I tried. I put forth effort. And while today I may not have achieved my goal, I can try again tomorrow. I need this mind set SO MUCH.

Every hiccup is not failure.

Every side-step is not the end of progress.

But it is so hard to get up and start over. Once I "fail", I generally don't get on the wagon again for awhile. So courage really is taking stock of the ways we disappoint ourselves and getting up the next day to start again.

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