Monday, July 11, 2011

Libby turns 5!!

I blogged about my pregnancy with Libby a few months back. It was certainly one of the biggest trials in my life. But man...July 11 is a day that we CELEBRATE!! All the crazy uncertainty took a pause when our baby girl cried for the first time.

For some reason, this birthday is really hitting me hard. I don't know if it is that Libby is school age, or just that 5 seems like such a big kid. It may be that her personality is so much more mature than before. She has opinions and can have awesome conversations. Whatever it is, every time I say that I have a five-year-old, I choke up. And she is SUCH AN AWESOME KID!

I love that she cracks up at her own jokes. I love that she tries new foods without blinking (yesterday she ate crab). I love that she doesn't fit into any box--she is all girl, but her favorite TV show is He-Man. And more than anything (so far) I love that nothing gets this kid down. She has had 3 surgeries, months of casts and before that, she walked on her knees cause her little legs just weren't straight. Yet she keeps going. She runs and "skips" and jumps. She rests when she needs to, but she just GOES. I'm so proud to be her momma.

I thought about writing a post about the day she was born, but honestly, I don't remember much. I remember she cried and that I was not great on drugs. SO, I have asked my other half to write about her BIRTHday. I will post it when he writes it. :)

Check out the family blog to see what we have been up to the last month!

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