Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Whoa! Real Life Happened...

Crazy how school ends and real life begins. I am back to work full time which makes me happy, but I am definitely going to have to figure out a new schedule for the summer. I got used to getting up and working out, having a quiet time with a cup of coffee, and using afternoons to blog and do homework. A 9-5 job (more like 8:15-5:30) isn't always conducive to all of those things. Especially when I get home and the kiddos want to hang out with me (generally not with me on the computer). So I will have to do some trial and error--see what works and what doesn't. I won't stop blogging... if I have learned anything in the last 6 months, it is that I really love the community I have here. I love sharing my thoughts, my trials, my successes and reading all about my friends' as well.

I think this piece of word art (YES AGAIN) really spells it out for me. I have spent so much time walking on egg-shells in my own life. Terrified of being wrong. But here I can share my dorky creativeness--my thoughts on books, my photographs, my limited knowledge of fashion.
So what is the plan??

I think this week I will try to get up early and work out (since it looks like rain every afternoon). Have some time in the Word, get in a few minutes to blog (I'm not sure how early I am thinking to get all of this done... 5:30 or 6--might not last long). Then evenings will be free with the kids and the husband :)

Once the weather starts looking nicer, I can sleep a little later and use my evenings taking walks with the family--that sounds lovely. RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY! I want to take the kiddos on hikes and to the trail--capture it all on film. (What do we say now that no one really uses film?) I'll save really intense workouts for weekends when I am not so busy.

And if it doesn't work, I'll regroup and try again. That's how life goes...

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