Sunday, January 22, 2012

All things knit...

For the last six months or so I have been indulging in knitting. It is a hobby I have had since I was 8, but reignited when I married Corey and found that his mom was also a knitter (and a quilter and a crocheter-- you get the idea, she is very crafty).  She bought me my first real knitting supplies and answered questions. Then law school happened. And like so many of my other hobbies, knitting fell by the way-side.

Pinterest is one of the reasons that I picked it back up. So many ideas and so little time. The first scarf I made was based off of this.

Once I made the first one, my friends wanted them too-so I made a second... and a third...and a fourth...and a fifth...and a sixth...the rest is history. I have been happily knitting and experimenting ever since-I've even earned a little extra money. Now I have fellow-knitters in my midst, and friends that want to learn. Thus the birth of our knitting circle Thursday mornings.

In honor of my new hobby and all the people that have supported it, I am adding a page to the blog called "my knits...".  My goal is to share patterns that I like and projects I am working on with you. The first pattern I will share is probably my favorite. It is an infinity scarf (a circle)-warm, cozy, and beautiful. It was my second experiment after I got tired of all the button scarves.

I stole the pattern from a fellow-blogger-which you can find here. It is REALLY easy, but it takes a little longer than the button scarves because of the length.

OK-instructions per Cole (which means I know NOTHING about gauge-etc. I will tell you what I did, and you can figure it out from there).

  1. Using size 13 needs and two skeins of yarn (I used this kind  in Pagoda) cast on 25 stitches ( just make a slip knot with both strands and pretend like you are only using one) 
  2. Row 1-K, *P, K, repeat from * to end-make sure you end on K.
  3. Repeat Row 1 until your scarf measures 55 inches long
  4. Cast off leaving a long tail
  5. Fold scarf so that cast on and cast off edges are together. Use the tail to "sew" the pieces together.

 I have made 5 of these scarves, and I wear mine almost everyday-so does Danie, who got the second one.

I hope to keep everyone posted as I find wonderful knits that are easy and fun. Right now I am working on some fingerless mittens and a shrug. I even bought double-point needles to try a hat-slightly terrified, but here we go!

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