Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One semester to go...

I will be posting a more lengthy post about my trip to Dayton soon. (It was fabulous and deserves more than a couple of minutes of thought). But I wanted to take a minute and remember that this is the LAST semester of school for me (hopefully ever). The last set of finals; the last papers-ok not really since I will be writing as part of my job; the last grades; the last few months where I have days off and spring break and time for lunch or coffee breaks with friends. The last semester with the friends who have become like family-in a few months we will all disperse and take the legal world by storm. I started this crazy adventure not really knowing what I wanted to do or be or practice. It's amazing what a few short years can do.

The end of this chapter is just the beginning of another--the next one is a very dark chapter called "Studying for the Bar Exam;" After that, the chapters should be brighter and cheerier. But this chapter--law school--has shaped me in ways I never thought possible. And I think I might be sad to see it go.

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