Friday, March 2, 2012

the woes of writing

One of the reasons I have not posted lately is that writing is taking up ALL MY TIME. I write memos and complaints. I write loan documents and essays. I am writing all the time.

And I don't even really like writing.  I was a MATH MAJOR. While I think I write well, it takes forever. It is draining. So thinking of writing on the blog after all the hours of painful legal writing is just no fun.

BUT tomorrow is Barristers Ball, and my friend Lu and I are going to spend the day making food and hanging out. NOT WRITING. NO WRITING. (except probably in the morning when I have to work on my App Ad brief). So I will certainly post photos of us in our lovely dresses-and our men in their fine clothes. It should be a blast-and our last one to boot. I look forward to blogging that.
In the meantime...I will be over here-writing <sigh>

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