Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the evolution of my career aspirations...

I am not one of those people who always wanted to be a lawyer. I don't think I actually wanted to be one until about 4 years ago when I took the LSAT and got accepted to law school. And last week as I was purging my house of clutter, I found some old school stuff (I am not a hoarder-except when it comes to school papers and notebooks and silly awards like "Citizenship" or "Never missing class" from 6th grade. For some reason I have kept all these momentos over the years.). In that stuff was evidence of all the different career aspirations that I had over the years. It is slightly comical to look at them in a timeline fashion

1995 (5th grade): Author
1997 (7th grade): French Teacher
1999 (9th grade): Still want to be a French teacher
2000 (10th grade): Aerospace Engineer (what?!?)
2001(11th grade): back to French teacher
2002 (12th grade): Mechanical Engineer...until I have to build a car in AP physics and I am absolutely terrible at it so instead I will go into Advertising (really?)...I am enrolled as a Journalism major at WVU for 3.2 seconds before realizing I am bad at art. SO...Math Teacher.
2003 (Freshman year): High School Math Teacher
2004 (Sophomore year): Oh Crap I don't like teaching. Switch to Math Major in hopes of being an Actuary (hahahahahaha).
2005(Junior/Senior year): Unemployed person apparently. I graduated with a Math degree with no idea what I would do with it.
2006 (First/last semester grad school): Math professor (maybe college students would be better than high school ones?)
2007: Stay at home mamma
2008: Oh my goodness staying at home is really hard. AND now there are two of them and I don't sleep. What do I want to be when I grow up?
2009: I will be a...Physical Therapist. NO. a Librarian. NO. a Lawyer. No. a Nurse (hahaha-if you know me you know why this is hilarious).
2010: LAWYER.
2011: Energy Lawyer
2012: I don't know! (JUST KIDDING!) Corey says it better be a Lawyer after racking up all this debt :)

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  1. Re:2006, college students are better than HS students (in my opinion). They're these interesting creatures and I love them!


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