Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bar Prep: Week One.

We had to create study plans for a Bar Prep class I was in last semester. I had written that I would wake up everyday at 6 AM to exercise, have a quiet time, shower and just generally get ready to face the day. Then I would work for 4 hours non-stop; eat lunch; another 4 hours; dinner; kids; another hour or so; bed. 

That plan has already been thrown out as inconceivable. 

First-I found that giving myself an afternoon break to workout and shower was WAY better for me than doing it all in the morning. I still get up at 6 and do multiple choice questions, but save the other stuff for later on. 

Second-I cannot work for 4 hours straight on anything. I can work really hard for a couple hours, but then I need a break. I have to take a minute or two to breath-mentally and physically. 

Third-I underestimated my need for other activities. I NEED to do other things. I need to have ice cream dates with the kids. I need to sit on the porch with Corey and drink coffee. So I've made time for those things too. I have even added a couple new activities. One of which is contributing to a blog called The City of Morgantown. It is run by a guy named Sam. It is photos and articles and other random stuff about this town written by people that are from here. It is a fun outlet to take my mind off the bar exam. Check it out if you have a spare moment.

Finally- Having a day off is going to be necessary. My original plan had all 7 days accounted for. But I need a day off. That might mean that I have to work harder and longer the other 6, but I am willing. I did not do that this week, so the rest of my afternoon has to be spent learning about Constitutional Law--BOO. I didn't like it the first time around. I like it less that I have to do it while the rest of my lot is having fun. 

No sure what this blog will look like this summer. I pre-apologize if you are not riveted by my dive into the bar exam. It's what is going on with me right now-at least for the next 10 weeks.

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